Articles and Research
Can Creativity Be Taught?
Chart Wars: The Political Power of Data Visualization by Alex Lundry
Digital Birth: Welcome to the Online World AVG Study Finds a Quarter of Children Have Online Births Before Their Actual Birth Dates
Digital Natives: Their Brains Are Wired Differently
Expanding the Definition of Literacy: A Guide for Librarians University of Illinois
K-12 Web Archiving creating primary source content
New-Media Literacies by Jason Ohler "don’t be so text-centric; experiment with the media technologies your students use"
The Promise of Social Networks by Derek E Baird
Reading in a Whole New Way "As digital screens proliferate and people move from print to pixel, how will the act of reading change?"
Saving Our Digital Heritage by Dan Gillmor
Students Looks at Life Through a Digital Lens
Taking Photos in Public Places Is Not a Crime
Using Digital Images in Teaching and Learning: Perspectives from Liberal Arts Institutions
Visual Literacy: "Reading & Writing" Images by Sylvia Tolisano
Visual Thinking and Learning in the Classroom by Sylvia Tolisano
We Do Not See Wiith Our Eyes. We See With Our Brains "vision trumps all other senses"
What is this Buzz Word "Transliteracy?" Q&A with Ryan Nadel

Blogs, Wikis, Websites, Videos, Misc.
11 Tips to Succeed with a Photo365 Project
21st Century Skills Arts Map - Partnership for 21st Century Skills pdf.
The American Museum of Photography
Dan Roam on Visual Thinking video "gives a complete overview of the history and definition of visual thinking, and a bonus of the history of the human species in 5 minutes"
Digital Literacy Across the Curriculum
The Importance of Telling the Story of Your Photos video
Moving at the Speed of Creativity Wesley Fryer's blog; numerous posts on digital storytelling
New Tools Workshop Wiki with many resources, including "Playing with images," "Digital Storytelling," and "Fair Use and InfoEthics"
Photos That Changed the World by Jonathan Klein. Ted Talk video
The Visual Teaching Network "provides a platform to share knowledge and educational strategies in the field of visual literacy "

Images (Copyright friendly)
*Copyright and Fair Use Resources for Teachers from TeachersFirst
*Copyright Slider
*Digital Literacy 2101: Copyright, Fair Use, and Creative Commons by Patrick Woessner
*Fair Use Evaluator
*Protect Your Photo Rights Online
*Spectrumofrights Comic1 Creative simple explanation of the Creative Commons site
Art Images for College Teaching
Creative Commons
Duke University: Sidney D. Gamble Photographs searchable collection of photos of China, dated between 1917 and 1932
Massachusetts Historical Society Collections Online includes images, maps, and other primary source documents
Matthew Brady Civil War Photographs
NASA images, video, interactive features
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
Natural Resources Conservation Service
New York Public Library Digital Gallery
Prints and Photographs Library of Congress
Romanov Family Albums
Top Ten National Archives Web Sites
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service National Digital Library
veezle free stock photos
Wikimedia Commons
Wylio CC pictures for blogs "Wylio automatically sizes the image, hosts the image, and builds the photo credit into the code"