50+ Web 2.0 Ways to Tell a Story from Alan Levine (in the process of being updated)
Celebrate Oklahoma Voices "A learning community empowering digital witnesses of Oklahoma oral history"
Center for Digital Storytelling: Values and Principals outlines five key points of storytelling
Digital Storytelling "This ElectronicPortfolio site offers a number of great resources for digital storytelling. Among its features is a 'tour of the tools' which details useful software and hardware for audio, image, and video editing on both Mac and PC platforms. The FAQ section is especially helpful in answering your questions. Teachers will love the simple and effective lesson plans on how to prepare a digital storytelling workshop."
Digital Storytelling overview, examples, and tools by Mike King
Digital Storytelling with the iPad apps, tutorials, and resources
Digital Storytelling: Using Technology to Tell Stories
The Dostal Project "a wonderful example of family recorded history. See how one man chronicled his family history from his great-great grandparents to himself. The site includes written transcripts and 15 short stories, each including narration and dozens of photographs."
The Educational Uses of Digital Storytelling "comprehensive website that includes simple and understandable information on creating digital stories from beginning to end."
The Elements of Digital Storytelling "does an excellent job of explaining the fundamentals of multimedia development. This site is a valuable guide for understanding the taxonomy of digital storytelling. This site also offers an analysis of current practices, a clearinghouse of effects research, a showcase of innovative story forms, and includes a forum for discussion."
How To Stories with a Digital Twist
Masterpiece Video Diary Project inspired by the Diary of Anne Frank
Meg's Digital Storytelling Resources
PhotoEssay extensive resources from John Martin
Photovoice Project students are given digital cameras to record their community
Photography and Poetry
These Stories from These Pictures "an easy guide to storytelling from the images we collect in our lives"

Bubblr create comic strips using photos from Flickr
Dipity generate timelines
Five Card Flickr use randomly drawn Flickr photos as a storytelling prompt
Historypin "pin your history to the world" by combining modern and historic photos of the same scene
Photobabble add your voice to photos
StoryRobe create digital stories using images and video from your camera or photo library; use the built in microphone, or any 3rd party microphone to create audio recordings with photos and videos
Talk with Media Visual literacy and Digital Storytelling
Tell a Story in 5 Frames
OurStory create a collaborative timeline